Kuta Aman Gati Bali Hotel

owner Kuta Aman Gati Hotel formerly Kuta Village Inn echoes the quiet serenity that is Bali. Yet this verdant garden paradise is central to the bargain shopping and entertainment of Kuta Village proper and just 100 meters away is the sun, sand and surf of famous Kuta Beach.

Peace and quiet prevail. Like all traditional Balinese villages, the village is walled from the intrusions of outside disturbances except for the rythmic sound of the surf rolling in from Java sea.

The gardens are an explosion of color and life, a rampage of tropical greenery and blooming flowers. And like your home, the garden are here for your pleasure. Walk around, steal a bloom of hibiscus for your hair and sprig of leaves for your balcony. Nature provides, we merely assist.

Swimming Pool In the center of the garden sits the vocal point of the Hotel, the Flamboyant Coffee Shop. Here is the meeting place of our locals, our friends and guests, coming together to plan the day's activities over breakfast, comparing bargaining skills, sharing a snack and a cool drink or icy beer in the sunset hour.

Our rooms cater to every budget, from economy to first class. And besides comfortable rooms, our 24 hour security ensures that you are sage and sound around the clock.


Discount 20% including Breakfast
Hotel Amangati Dompu - Sumbawa for the specialist Surfer.
For the best surf in the world included the following surfbreak, lakey peak, five, nangas, koblestone and periscope. We welcome you to the Hotel Amangati Dompu.
Special Offer US$ 20.00/night for single/double with air-conditioning.

For further information please contact us:
Email: amangati@indo.net.id

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