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Seririt is located in north shore of Bali, the town itself is small and quiet but thereíre many attractions near Seririt like Banjar about 3 kilometers from Seririt where you could soak in the natural hot spring.

The hot springs in Banjar have organized swimming pools with carved lions, which spew the hot water into the pools from overhead. Itís open hot spring so donít expect to be alone in the middle of nature, but if a refreshing hot soak is in order after your chilly drive in the highlands.

Buddhist monastery at The Brahma Arama Vihara is a spectacular looking place, and a bit out of place in Hindu Bali. It is the most important Buddhist monastery in Bali and is complete with golden Buddha statues and a pristine natural setting. Visitors can participate in a meditation session called Vipassana, which focuses on breathing and mental peacefulness. Strictly speaking the monastery is not a tourist site but accepts respectful visitors.

From the monastery at Vihara, continue up the hill (south) you pass quiet Balinese villages while ascending steep valleys with fine views of local terraced farmland.

Six kilometers from Vihara is the village of Pedawa. Shady trees provide cover from the sun, with a multitude of local fruits growing, including cocoa and coffee, cloves and coconuts.

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