Lake Tamblingan

The smallest of Bali's northwestern lakes, where you can see gold in its waters.
Long time ago when the modern Balinese culture was still in it's formative stages, a vengeful King fell upon the people of the hills and bent them to this yoke.
As a last act of spite, the people threw their riches into the cold embrance of the lake's clear waters.

That's the legend behind its beauty scenic.

From Bedugul with it's Bratan lake, it will take about 25 minutes toward the northwest to this tranquil lake.
On the western end of Lake Buyan, we will start to see the Lake Tamblingan, sister lake of Buyan. If we follow the road it will bring us closer and closer to Lake Tamblingan, or if we take direction to the right at the following junction at the end of the road, we will arrive in Munduk village, a village rich with coffee plantations that own a quite well known gamelan gong kebyar music group.
On the junction however, instead of to follow the right turn to Munduk village, we turn left and continue to follow the quiet road circling the Lake that situated on the left hand side, now however, the Lake is in the east side of the road.
The road begin to descend, then we will meet another junction, again take the left turn. Following the descend toward east, finally the asphalt road stops replaced by earth surfaced track, car however allowed to pass this track. Continue to follow the unpaved track until we arrive on the edge of the Lake.
There stood the serene Ulundanu temple, the temple of the Lake. Amongst the quietness of the Lake, we will hear the clearly voice of birds and other inhabitants of the forest surrounding the Lake.

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