This is the only county in Bali without beaches. Geographically, Bangli is home to the mountain lakes and water sources that make Bali so fertile. Numerous villages are scattered across a landscape of rice terraces, lush valleys and forests. This mountainous region is a strikingly different site of Bali Aga traditional communities.

Known for its superb scenery, the mountain of Abang and Batur tower above the mountain territory and the deep caldera lake.
The town of Bangli, once the capital of a kingdom, descended from the early Gelgel Dynasty, the largest and most sanctified temple of the district is Pura Kehen, a mountain haven and state temple of Bangli
Here the air is fresh and cool compared with other counties in Bali. Bali's main psychiatric hospital is located on the road, which runs westwards from the center of town.

You can find on the northeastern side of the town, a temple that has survived without any reconstruction.

As the state temple of the Bali Kingdom, Pura Kehen occupies the site of an earlier temple, which dates back to the 9th Century. It owes much of its appeal to its unique ambience, set majestically on a number of level against the background of a hill forest, large trees shade the shrines and gates of its courtyards.

A flight of 38 stairs leads to the meru-shaped gate between rows of wayang statues. Overlooking the gate is the threatening head of Kala, guardian of the netherworld. There is a magnificent shrine with eleven roofs dedicated to the God of Fire, the resident temple God.

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