Adventures in Indonesia

Version 2.1, now with 150 JPEG pictures, totalling nearly 4Mb.

. . . being the photos of an Australian intrigued and attracted by the
beauty of Indonesia, and some words to tie them together. . .

[Pic: Link to 1988 
BALI: Legian, Nusa Dua, Ubud, Sanur
[Pic: Link 
to 1990 story]
BALI: Sanur, Candi Dasa, Tirtagangga, Lovina
JAVA: Banyuwangi, Solo, Yogya
[Pic: Link
to 1991 story]

BALI: Candi Dasa       LOMBOK: Ampenan
SUMBAWA: Sumbawa Besar, Dompu, Sape
FLORES: Labuhan Bajo, Ruteng, Bajawa,
JAVA: Jakarta, Bogor, Yogya

[Pic: Link 
to 1993 story]

BALI: Candi Dasa
SULAWESI: Ujung Pandang, Pare-pare, Tanatoraja, Danau Poso,
      Parigi, Muotong, Gorontalo, Manado, Pulau Bunaken, Ambuulanu (Kendari)
JAVA: Surabaya, Semarang, Cilacap, Klaten, Malang

[Pic: Link 
to 1995 story]
BALI: Candi Dasa, Bugbug
JAVA: Klaten
[Pic: Link
to 1996 story]
BALI: Candi Dasa, Bugbug
JAVA: Klaten
[Pic: Link
to other pictures]
Other pictures that didn't make it into the story, but are kind of nice anyway. . .

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All photographs up to 1993 are taken by Steve Gill, and are stored on Kodak Photo CD.   Pictures for 1995 and 1996 are by Steve, his mother, and some Balinese friends.   The photos were scanned by Bob Ogden.   All pictures are "enhanced" using Photostyler SE 2.0, running under winOS2 (OS/2 v2.11 and now Warp - pretty good software. :) My web browser of choice is the one that comes free with Warp (IBM WebExplorer).

Special thanks go to Budi Rahardjo for helping to get this work started, and giving it a place to live. :)

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