Distance between 32:55:07N 117:09:07W and 32:54:17N 117:08:32W, as the crow flies:

1 miles (2 km) (1 nautical miles)

Initial heading from 32:55:07N 117:09:07W to 32:54:17N 117:08:32W:
south-southeast (149.4 degrees)
Initial heading from 32:54:17N 117:08:32W to 32:55:07N 117:09:07W:
north-northwest (329.4 degrees)

Carbon footprint if you travel this distance by car, train or airplane. Offset your carbon footprint and travel carbon-neutral.


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32:55:07N 117:09:07W

Location: 32:55:07N 117:09:07W

32:54:17N 117:08:32W

Location: 32:54:17N 117:08:32W
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