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Tumplak Wajik is held in the yard of Magangan Yogyakarta Palace, two days before the Garebeg ceremony. "Wajik" is a delicacy made of sticky rice. Accompanying the ceremony, a Kothekan orchestra is played by hitting various kinds of wooden instruments, such as rice mortars, and Kenthongans (barrels), which all present a very enchanting and melodious form of folk music.


Labuhan ceremony is held to celebrate the birth of Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono. In Javanese language, Labuh means 'to throw something sacred in a river or the sea'. The offering from the Yogyakarta palace consists of food, cuttings of fingernails and the hair of Sri Sultan which are thrown into the South Sea or Indian Ocean. By performing this ceremony, the King and the people of Yogyakarta hope to stay healthy.


Waicak is the religious Buddhist ceremony commemorating Buddha Gautama's birth, death, and accession. It is held in most Buddhist viharas all over Indonesia, particularly Yogyakarta. The greatest ceremony is held during the evening of the full moon (Purnama Siddhi) at the Mendut and Borobudur temples. The ceremony is always attended by many Buddhist followers from Indonesia and even from abroad.


Saparan is an offering ceremony performed by people in Ambarketawang, Gamping, six kilometers from Yogyakarta. People believe if they do not bring offerings, they may encounter difficulties and disaster. Even though the hills have almost completely gone and only piles of limestone are left, the tradition of giving offerings still goes on the second month of Javanese calendar, Sapar. Hence the ceremony is called "Saparan". At the climax of the ceremony, the "Bekakak" (bride and bridegroom dolls made of sticky rice filled with brown sugar syrup) are beheaded after being carried in a procession, escorted by traditionally uniformed guards and people carrying offerings.


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