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Kiskendo Cave is located in the Menoreh mountain, Kulon Progo Regency. The area lies about 700 meters above sea level, so the air is always cool and fresh. The panorama of its environment is beautiful indeed. To the East, vast lowlands extending around the Progo river can be admired and to the South, the Indian Ocean. This cave can be reached by motor bikes or cars. But for those using big vehicles (i.e. bus) you are advised to stop at the Girimulyo district and to proceed by smaller vehicles because of the narrow road. Along the way to the cave the beautiful view of the mountainous area and the terraced rice field are a beautiful sight.


Selarong cave is an historical site, which used to be the guerrilla headquarters of Prince Diponegoro in the struggle against the Dutch colonial between 1825 - 1830. He moved to Selarong after his home at Tegalrejo was attacked and burned down by the Dutch. This cave located some 14 kilometers south of Yogyakarta, on the top of a hill with many Guava trees.


cerme cave

Cerme cave is a former meeting place used by Walisongo to spread and teach Islamic religion in Java. The word "Cerme" comes from "Ceramah", a speech that was held during the meeting when discussing the plan of the establishment of the Great Mosque in Demak, a city in the northern part of Central Java. The cave is a 1200 meters long alley which has beautiful stalactites and stalagmites and a cool, clear stream in it. There are smaller caves which used to be meditation places like Dalang cave, Ledhek cave, Badhut cave, and Kaum cave. Cerme is located in Srunggo, Selopamioro, Bantul Regency, about 22 kilometers from Yogyakarta.

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